Sunday morning ride to Nymboida

Yesterday morning I decided to head off for a ride.  I wanted to go for a decent one, but didn’t want a really long trip, and I decided that I would force myself to stop and take photos along the way….so thinking of places that I hadn’t been to before I decided to head out to Nymboida, which is about 30km from Grafton.   

 So just a bit before 9:00 I headed off…..and the one mistake I made today was not being warm enough.   It started to get painfully cold after a while and I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t put on an extra layer under my jacket…..oh well, lesson learned!

I made my way to Grafton via the highway, which is kinda boring, but it got me there pretty quickly.  And after reaching South Grafton I headed out on the Armidale road towards Nymboida.    

So here’s the first shot of the day, heading out of South Grafton….

This next shot is further out, past Coutts Crossing I think.

The one thing that surprised me about the ride was that there was gorgeous sunny weather and no bikes on the road…….so where were they?

They were at the Nymboida Coaching Station – the place owned by none other than “General Maximus” himself, Mr Russell Crowe.

Some of the toys parked there were very nice….especially the big Suzuki Boulevard and the black Ducati Multistrada.

The V-Strom also looked pretty good parked next to them…

Here are some shots of the Coaching Station…


Sadly on the way back I got stuck behind a dump truck that seemed to be empty (due to the speed he was travelling) but perhaps had previously been carrying dirt….or possibly clay……but whatever it was coming out of the back of the truck ended up all over the bike, and me……

 Here’s a shot of the front of the bike when I stopped at Coutts Crossing.


So guess what I did on Sunday afternoon?  Yay!  Wouldn’t have been a problem but I only cleaned the bike on Saturday, so having to do it again wasn’t fun!

For the trip back from Grafton I ditched the highway and went out on the Lawrence Road,  and for most of the trip I followed three other bikes – 2 black Honda Blackbirds and a Triumph Rocket III   They turned off at Maclean and then I headed back to Yamba.

One bike that I saw today in real life for the first time was the Honda VFR 1200.  There was one on the Ferry at Lawrence and I had a look at it as it rode past while waiting to get on the Ferry.

…..and does it look any better in person compared to photos?……not really.   I expected it to be bigger, but it just didn’t look like something I’d want to bring home… 

Hope your weekend was good, Have a good week, ride safe and have fun,




~ by anthony on June 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Sunday morning ride to Nymboida”

  1. Gidday Anthony!
    Superb post and photos mate! I’ve been under-dressed on a few occasions and it sure stuffed up my concentration! Had to smile at the mention of Russell Crowe – the Kiwi we’re happy for our cousins across the Ditch to claim as one of their own ;-).

    Boy, did your bike get plastered – was it cement slurry or clay? Only marginally better than following a leaking cattle truck!

    Funny you should mention the VFR 1200. I spent a couple of years awaiting it as a replacement for my Blackbird and was bitterly disappointed when it was released – thought it had been beaten by the ugly stick although the standard of finish was superb. The range is terrible for a sports tourer too – simply couldn’t live with it. Darned expensive compared with the opposition too. From what I’ve read, sales in the US and UK have been poor.

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Of course you have – you’ve been riding!

  2. Hi Geoff….the funny thing with Mr Crowe is that we only seem to want him when he is behaving himself!

    Yes the bike (and me) copped a very nice layer of that stuff…still not sure what it was, but it made a big mess….and regarding the leaking cattle truck – I’ve followed one of them too. Thankfully that one only got the bike, not me!

    have a great week mate.

  3. Geoff I thought the same thing about VFR 1200 when they annouced it, that bike was going to be my future ride but after seeing it, um no thanks.

    Anthony – How was the road to Nymboida, was it full of pot holes?

    • Hi Scott, yep that road is a shocker in some areas, not quite what I was expecting! I think it was worse on the trip back.

  4. Hi Anthony, did you ride the range beyond Nymboida by any chance? I rather like that climb and on to Clouds Creek.

  5. Hi IC, I didn’t go past the Coaching Station – will have to give the run up to Clouds Creek a try next time – looks good on the map!

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