Getting paid to ride….

The ride to the beach village of Wooli is one that I’ve done a few times, but I think I’ve only ever been out there once for “fun”.

The other times have all been for work, and today was one of those times. We have a client who needed some help with their end of year accounting, so I volunteered to go and help out.

The trip out to Wooli is one of those work trips that one of my colleagues and I generally to try to avoid – But I’ve been out there twice on the Suzuki and despite the occasional dodgy areas of road surface, its good fun.

So after seeing a client in Yamba I headed out there. There was some road works on the way out there and the V-Strom also got a chance to ride on dirt – not gravel, but a section of red, sloppy dirt…..but it was all good.

As I mentioned, there are some fun corners out there, and this one is especially fun…..its a long sweeping bend which is best experienced on the way back and it was great to ride around it today.


As I took this photo a car stopped to ask how much further it was to get to Wooli. Once you leave the highway and head out through Tucabia, the road just keeps going through the bush, and I remember my first trip out there, wondering if I would ever see civilization ever again…..

So that’s it for today, just a quick post…..the three hours spent onsite were definitely worth the 160km round trip.

Have a good weekend,




~ by anthony on July 21, 2011.

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