Gold Coast Weekend Ride

On Tuesday I returned home from a couple of days up the coast with the boys.    It was really great spending time with them, and great to ride on some new roads too.

I rode up last Friday around lunch time, and stopped for fuel at Woodburn.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the Gopro on the bike at the time and missed what rolled into town……..after paying for the fuel, I heard the sound of multiple Harley’s approaching and at first, thought it was just a few of them……then I saw about 100 members of the Nomads MC roll through town – They just kept on coming and coming.

As I was ready to leave the servo, I took a good look at the different bikes they were riding.

While most had mostly stripped down Harley’s with matte black paint, lots of chrome and tanks painted with skulls, naked girls or flames, there was one guy on a V-Rod – my favourite Harley……But this one was white, with gold flames, and massive metallic gold ape-hanger bars…it was seriously cool!

As I pulled on to the road I saw a cop car quickly approaching from the other direction (I think he had just left the police station up the street), and after he went past he turned behind me, and followed me out of town (with the Nomads up ahead) …. Once he got to the 100km/h zone he hit the lights and the siren and took off in pursuit of the bikers.

I didn’t catch up to them, and don’t know where they were headed.   Along the way I saw the odd pair of them stopped for fuel, but basically they disappeared off into the distance.    When I reached Ballina, I saw the highway patrol car from Woodburn stopped behind another one on the other side of town…..and then I saw two more cars and a bike, all heading back towards Ballina in a big hurry…….which made me think that maybe the Nomads were meeting in town, and the police department were wanting to keep an eye on them.

That was about the most eventful part of the trip, after Ballina I just hit the highway and wanted to get to the boys.  The weekend with them was great fun, and they went back home on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday I decided to go for a ride up into the Gold Coast Hinterland.   I had done the ride from Mt Tamborine down to Canungra, but never gone up the hill the opposite way……so I decided to do that, and then after reaching the top I turned around and headed back down, switched camera angles with the Gopro and headed back up once more.  This time I saw two more bikes, (it wasn’t a public holiday in QLD, so the bike riders must have all been at work), but it was great fun to do that ride once more.

Here’s a video showing a short sample of the ride……

For the ride back home on Tuesday I stuck to the highway until Teven Road, then went the back way to Alstonville and finally out to Wardell…..

Here’s a shot of some of the locals….

It was great to ride on a road that was “new” to me.  I’d driven out there before but never riden that was so it was good fun.

Hope your week has been good!




~ by anthony on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gold Coast Weekend Ride”

  1. Hi Anthony
    Probably a good thing that you weren’t surrounded by the Nomads. They were trying to set up a chapter in NZ earlier in the year and their top brass didn’t even make it out of the airport before they were turned around!

    What a blast to find new roads to explore – nice one!

    Have a great weekend mate!

  2. Thanks Geoff….yep, some of them looked a bit scary!

    New roads to ride are always good.

    you have a great weekend too.

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