Saturday morning trip to Coffs Harbour

This morning I decided to go for a ride down to Coffs Harbour.  The day wasn’t sunny and warm like yesterday, but at least it wasn’t raining.   So after getting ready I headed off about 8:00, stopped off at McDonalds for some breakfast, then hit the road.

I headed south on the highway, stopping at Halfway Creek for fuel, then kept on going.    One of the reasons for the trip was to go and have a look at the BCF store (Boating, Camping, Fishing for those who didn’t know!) and checkout some of their camping gear.  I’m planning on doing some more touring in the future, and thought that I’d have a go at camping along the way, and I’m going to ride down to next year’s australian round of the MotoGP championship at Phillip Island, and planning to camp down there.  So after having a look around (and picking up a bargain on a tent) I got back on the bike and headed off once more.

For the trip back I decided to go via Nana Glen (….but didn’t see Russell), Glenreagh and Grafton, and had the Gopro running to film the ride.   I haven’t edited any of the footage yet, but have snapped some stills from the video.


So to start with here’s a shot looking back at me.


Here I am heading out of Coffs towards Nana Glen


As I was heading out of the village of Nana Glen I saw the first of numerous groups of riders.


Another view of the road (and corners!) up ahead.  A while after this I was heading along a big straight stretch of road and sadly hit a bird – I tried my best to miss him and he was doing his best to get out of my way……I didn’t see what happened to him after he hit my boot…..


Here’s another angle with the camera mounted on the pillion grab handle.


And finally here I am boarding ferry at Lawrence.   There were 8 bikes on the ferry for the prior trip across the river.


So that’s it for today, I hope that your saturday has been good.  It’s now after 5:00pm and there’s a storm lingering around, but so far no rain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,




~ by anthony on October 8, 2011.

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