I’ve found it…..

And (you may be wondering) what is it that I’ve found……..

I love the Ducati Monster, and this example is bike-porn at its finest, this is truly the Holy Grail of Ducati motorcycles!

The Italian mad scientists at NCR have once again produced another engineering marvel.  Previously I’ve posted pics of the Leggera (Hypermotard) and the MI6 (stripped down Desmocedici)………but now they have created the M4 (which is $49,900USD) but for an extra $20,000 dollars, you get the M4 One Shot.

Would you pay $70,000 USD for a Monster?   Especially one that has an NCR 1200cc engine, filled with titanium go-fast bits…..it has a titanium frame that only weighs 4.8Kg,  the tank and wheels are made from carbon fibre, the whole bike has a dry weight of only 126kg (which is over 40kg less than a standard monster)  It will put out 132HP and is (in my opinion) the sexiest motorcycle I think I’ve ever seen.

This thing is freakin’ awesome!






Have a great week everyone, and if you do happen to have a spare $70K that you aren’t sure what to do with….give me a call!




~ by anthony on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’ve found it…..”

  1. Great find Anthony!!!

    That is truly a sight to behold, crazy, mad design that actually works beautifully. Oh to have pots of money, sigh…..

    Thanks mate!

  2. Hey Geoff,

    Yep, it truly is something special….. That would be the bike that would live in the lounge room! 🙂

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