2012 MotoGP Trip

With the 2011 MotoGP almost upon us, tonight I decided to take a look at possible route options for my trip next year.

And here is a proposed route….

Day 1 – Yamba to Tamworth –   A decent ride for the first day, clocking in at 426km with the route going through Grafton, Glen Innes and Armidale

Day 2 – Tamworth to Dubbo – This trip takes in the Oxley and Newell Highways, and moves through Gunnedah, Coonabarrabran and Gilgandra, before reaching Dubbo, 342km later.

Day 3 – Dubbo to Wagga Wagga – For day 3 I’ll be heading down the Newell Highway once more through Forbes, West Wyalong to the town of Wagga Wagga, a distance of 402Km

Day 4 – Wagga Wagga to Melbourne – This will be a bigger day at 451km, (…and I’m planning on stopping in to say hi to Dozer at Albury)

Day 5 – Melbourne to Phillip Island – The final leg of the week is a short trip of only 140km, and at that point I’m at The Island, and ready for a few days of motorcycle heaven.

And the route looks something like this….


For the return trip I had originally planned a coastal route, but have decided to stick with an inland route and the proposed idea goes like this….

Day 1 – Phillip Island to Wangaratta – Decent ride for the first day at 391km….Still within Victoria and with the sound of MotoGP bikes still ringing in my ears.

Day 2 – Wangaratta to Cowra – Another similar distance to day 1, clocking in at 410km.

Day 3 – Cowra to Gilgandra (Via Bathurst)  I’ve always wanted to ride around the Mount Panorama race track, so Day 3 is the day that I’ll get to do that….should be good fun, and a trip of 376km for the day.

Day 4 – Gilgandra to Armidale – For today it will be 389km and the mammoth journey is coming to an end…..

Day 5 – Armidale to Yamba.  A shorter trip for the final leg, 317km along the New England & Gwydir Highway and the 2012 MotoGP has come to a close.

And that looks something like this….



So that’s the plan, and now I’ve got 12 months to get it organised!




~ by anthony on October 11, 2011.

7 Responses to “2012 MotoGP Trip”

  1. Now THAT’s a ride Anthony!!! And the GP as well. What a heck of a way of spending a few days – I’m soooo envious!

    What a trip that will be!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I’m really looking forward to it…Its going to be a big one. 1760km down and 1883km back….At least I’ve got 12 months to get in some practise!

    And to be there at the MotoGP is going to be a fantastic experience too!

  3. How exciting 🙂

    And I have to say this could be the best name for a trip leg ever: Dubbo to Wagga Wagga

    What made you decide to stick to an inland route on the return? Is there just too much stop & go & traffic along the coast?

  4. We have some interesting place names here. Wagga Wagga is generally known just as “Wagga”…..which I think would have been fine, but “Wagga” means “Crow”, so Wagga Wagga is “place of many crows”.

    I chose the inland route for the return trip mainly to bypass Sydney….I was originally going to head up the coast, then go inland around sydney and then head back to the coast….but decided that I’d stay off the coast highway and go back up the middle.

  5. Looks to me like you will ride half the country and miss just about every good motorcycle road inbetween. I used to live out at Forbes and that route down the Newell hwy would have to be about the worst way you could go to PI.

    On your way down from QLD try the oxley Hwy, Thunderbolts way, Putty Rd, Bells Line to Oberon to Taralga, down to goulburn, Batemans bay via Clyde Mtn, south coast down to Bega, then up Brown Mtn, then up over the snowys(multiple ways here), corryong, Granya Gap, Mt Beauty to Bright via tawonga Gap, up over Mt Hotham and then on to Philip Island from there.

  6. I agree with Steve above – whilst the inland route will not be completely boring it is by no means the most interesting set of roads. Good for cars less so on a bike as mostly dead straight, flat and hot. The only good point would be missing all the bikes going and returning from the GP which will be on the mountain and coastal roads. (seriously there is too many for me)

    A suggestion, if I may, would be if you have your heart set on the inland to do it in one direction only. The other try Waterfall way or Oxley highway, then Thunderbolts way, Gundgog to Putty Rd, Bells line of roads and Tablelands way or bit of the Hume perhaps then Kangaroo Valley (both skip Sydney) Princess hway, Brown Mtn, Alpine way, Murray River road, Granya Gap, Tawonga Gap, Great Alpine road or from Mt Beauty Falls Crk now all sealed or from Bega via Delegate.

    • Thanks mate, I will definetly look at other options. At present I may not be making the trip, due to moving and the new job etc but will defintely look at more bike friendly options.

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