Helmet cam photos

I was up on the Gold Coast again last weekend and when I headed up, I put the Gopro on the helmet once more, selected 1-second photo mode……and ended up with about 4300 photos…..

I had a quick look through a lot of them, and here are some that I thought looked good…..


Part of the view on Teven Road west of Ballina.


Cruising along the Ballina Bypass


Back on the highway, and I noticed when I zoomed in on this one that I was on the phone to my sister….



iPhone 4S owners will see that I was using “Siri” in this shot to send a txt for me….


Heading through the tunnel under the Gold Coast Airport runway.

So there is 5 shots out of over 4000.  I didn’t see anything that was odd or weird or different….most are just like you see….helmet, bike and different scenery, but one day I’ll have a closer look and see what I’ve got.

So that’s it for today.  I hope that you have a great week.  Get out there and enjoy the road.




~ by anthony on November 8, 2011.

6 Responses to “Helmet cam photos”

  1. Anthony – those are really cool photos! How toes the GoPro attach to your helmet? Do you notice the additional weight or any funny aerodynamics with it being to one side?

  2. thanks Geoff,

    The Gopro attaches to a stuck on mount that looks like this….

    Helmet mount

    And when its mounted it looks like this….

    Gopro on helmet

    At first there was a noticable weight difference, but i’m used to it now and barely notice that its there. I haven’t noticed any aero differences, but I do get some funny looks from people on the side of the road, or in cars!! 🙂

  3. Mate, loving those pics. Makes me feel like I’m out there. What size memory card does it have to hold so many photos – and at what resolution?

    • Hey mate, thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to hear from you.

      I’ve got a 16GB card in the camera (it will take up to 32GB) and the photos are 5MP res. The newest version (Gopro Hero2) takes 11MP stills.

      I think after the 4300 I still had about 6GB free on the card. I started the photos on Teven road and stopped at Southport. I’d like to test it out to see how many I can get on there before the card fills up, or before the battery goes dead!

  4. Nice, Ant-

    The perspective of the pics, seeing the dash, part of your helmet, your hands – it gives the viewer the sensation that they’re riding along with you. I love that about the still shots from the GoPro.

    Even though you ended up with a bunch of pics – did you find it easy to navigate through them, picking out only the ones you want? How did it compare to finding the “perfect” screenshot off of a video?

    The pic quality is much better than doing vid stills.

  5. Thanks fuzzy, I agree that seeing the dash / hands / helmet gives that feeling of being on the journey…..Its also been interesting to zoom in on the photos and see who I was calling on the phone while riding!

    Navigating through the pics was more fun than I expected. Taking bucket -loads of stills is easier than pulling stills from video footage……and you are right that the photo quality is great compared to ripping stills from video……..I would really love to have a second gopro so that I can take stills and video at the same time…..that would be great.

    finally I just wanted to say that its cool that you call me “Ant”…….My sister and mother call me that, and now my motorcycle-riding-sister-from-another-mother in NY calls me that too…. muchly appreciated!

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