The Vstrom is back on the road!

Hi all, just a quick post to say that I got my bike back this morning. It feels so good to ride it again, and with the new chain and sprockets it’s running fantastic.

John at Henderson Motorcycles has done a great job, and his service was excellent (I guess 36 yrs of experience helps with that) it was good to see John’s awesome GSX1400 in the workshop too…..(I’m thinking that instead of a new Bonneville I’d now love a big Suzuki)

He showed me a plastic bag containing some of the crap that he got out of the tank, and also showed me some photos he took of the bracket below the tank where the fuel pump attaches……it was a mess.

He also kept some of the fuel from the tank to show me the half a litre or so of water that I had in the tank from my fill-up last Wednesday!

He had the old chain and sprockets there too to show how worn they were.

It was good to see all that, and it made me appreciate how good the bike is going now even more!

So I hope you all have a great Friday, and a great weekend.




~ by anthony on December 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Vstrom is back on the road!”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Great news about the fix mate – up and running for all that Gold Coast weather over Xmas. Sounds like you’ve got a mechanic worth dropping a bottle of cab sav off to as well!

    Those GSX1400’s are fantastic machines. I love the blue and white ones with the white mags although the black ones are pretty menacing too. Either one of those or the Yamaha XJR are bikes well worth owning.

    Best wishes to you and the family for the festive season – I can see that 2012 is going to be a wonderful year for you all.

    • Hi Geoff,

      The more I think about it, the more I’m liking the idea of owning a big-bore muscle bike 🙂

      I love the blue & white Gsx1400’s too, and an XJR1300 in Kenny Roberts yellow and black would be awesome.

      All the best to you and your family too, have a great Christmas and all the best for 2012!

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