The decision is made….

First it was the Bonneville, then it was a GSX-1400…….

Well now I’ve decided to bypass the stepping stone options and aim for the style of bike I imagined I’d eventually end up riding……

The new target, and top of the list future bike is…..the Harley Davidson Softail Blackline. 1690cc of V-twin thumping black and chrome all-American beauty.


Stay tuned for more later….




~ by anthony on January 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “The decision is made….”

  1. My word, that was unexpected Anthony! Let’s hear about your road to Damascus then :-). I suppose you’ll be wearing a fringed jacket and black wrap-around sunnies now!

    Now we’ve got the usual smart-arsed remarks out of the way, it’s actually a bloody nice-looking bike mate, especially in black.

    • Hi Geoff, go on….get all the smart-arsed comments out now…:) I already have the black Dirty Dog sunnies, I don’t have the fringed jacket but thought some chaps would be better…. 🙂

      The decision process was pretty simple….as I said in the post, this is where I always thought I’d end up, and living here on the Gold Coast is the perfect environment for a cruiser. I love the design of the Blackline, and the black and less-chrome styling…..and yes in black with the spoked wheels, low seating position, drag bars and minimalistic but functional design are all characteristics that stir up feelings deep within me….. It’s a thing of beauty and as Wayne Algar once said…”it will be mine!”

      I love speed, but have always been a fan of a thumping V-twin. I’ve loved the vstrom, but never really embraced the dual sport and adventure touring movement. Things have changed a lot in recent months, and commuting and cruising the hinterland, beaches and suburbs by American V-twin power is definitely where I see myself.

      The only obstacle to the dream is the 28k I need to put the bike on the road, but it will happen…I will make it happen!

  2. wow, i’m with Geoff- Totally unexpected!

    • If surprised me a bit too, but it makes sense. Living the dream is the only way to go, and one of my dreams is to wake up each day with a Harley in my garage. There are things in our lives that shape our decisions and direct us down a path we may not have normally chosen. Harley ownership is part of that journey….. (And to be told I’d look good on a Harley is nice to hear too :))

  3. Well I like Harleys and I like their air cooled push rod engines which can be serviced at home, my favorite is the new Sportster however many models are quite poor at going around corners or stopping once the speed has increased above boulevard pace. (no exaggeration) Your used to a capable handling bike so it may come as a shock how great the difference is and needing to slow down so much so please ride before laying down the deposit (if that is possible) or try a few other cruisers.

    • Hi Warren, I looked at the sportster models initially, but prefer the Softail. Thanks for the advice about the handling….your opinion on all things motorcycle related is valued greatly. Motorcycle Paradise is my go-to resource in many cases!

      I’ve been a guitarist for over 20 years and have tried to buy the right gear to replicate the sound in my head…… for me with motorcycling, the Harley is that pinicle of where I want to be ….. Power, style, image, history….(I’ve had a few wines tonight but this vision seems clearer each time I think about it)

      Over the coming weeks I’m going to organize a test ride, then look at how I can afford to live the dream!

      Cheers mate.

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