Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo – February 2012

Hi everyone,

This morning I met up with my mate Scott from Maclean (and his brother) and we spent some time at the Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo. It’s been 2 years since the expo has been held on the Coast, so I was excited to go check out the new bikes…..and for the first time, I went there on the bike and got to be like the thousands of other bike enthusiasts wandering around in their bike gear.

Here’s a shot of the motorcycle parking section of the carpark….this is a tiny fraction of the amount of bikes there….it was awesome to see so many.


Like any expo there are always things that you really want to see….and for me today it was Harley Davidson, and sadly none of the Gold Coast/Brisbane dealers, or Harley Davidson Australia were represented…..but thankfully the guys from Daytona Powersports at Nerang were there – they sell late model used Harley’s and they have a 2008 XL1200N Nightster that I had enquired about – It comes fitted with a Vance & Hines Exhaust, and just over 8000km……and it was there today!! I had a sit on it and it felt really comfortable. Probably the only thing it would need would be moving the foot controls forward and then it would be perfect!


As an alternative to Harley, there is the awesome range of Victory Motorcycles. They had the full range there and here are some shots of some of the bikes….

The awesome airbrushed artwork of the “Gremlin” special edition…….yours for you $54K.


The base model of the Victory range, which comes standard with whitewalls and ape hanger bars is the Highball, your’s for $19995 ride away….and it is so comfortable to sit on…..Not sure what its like to ride but it looks great.


Their newest model is The Judge…..only released within the last couple of weeks in the US, but once again its a fantastic looking bike…

The only thing I didn’t like about the Victory range is the clutch…..its the stiffest clutch I’ve ever felt.


When I rode into the carpark I was followed by a black Diavel….it sounded (and looked) amazing…..And here’s the new Carbon Black model….


The Multistrada range was also represented with the standard model, and here’s the Touring edition.


The Streetfighter 848 now comes in Yellow….very nice.


Over at the BMW stand I had a chance to sit on the S1000RR….thank God I don’t ride one of those. The seating postion is so unlike the Vstrom….you basically feel like you are going to fall forward over the bars…so uncomfortable.

But much more to my liking was the K 1300 R….its a monster of a bike.

Also at the Beemer stand was this awesome R50 with sidecar.


There were lots of other bikes that I sat on and admired……and there were some awesome custom bikes, particularly those by Big Bear and Wild Custom motorcycles…and then there was The Beast…

I don’t know what size that front tyre was, but it was definitely bigger than most bikes rear tyres…..


So there you go, and great morning admiring the best that the motorcycling industry has to offer….

Hope your weekend has been good,




~ by anthony on February 19, 2012.

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