My HD Softail = Amazing!

This afternoon I got a chance to head down to Daytona Powersports at Nerang and see my new bike.

When I got out of the car I was first greeted by all the bikes out the front of the store…..


As I walked past the front of the showroom, I looked in the window…..and there it was!


After having a chat with Kerry and Kim about the bike, I had a sit on it…..and didn’t want to get off!!


And finally, here’s a closeup of the paintwork on the tank…


I was hoping to take it home tomorrow, but sadly the guys are still waiting for the compliance plate for it – All the Daytona Powersports bikes are US imports, and the compliance plate is due in next Monday….so hopefully I’ll be riding home on my new Harley on Tuesday or Wednesday next week….its a week later than I thought, but I’m so excited.

Have a great week everyone,




~ by anthony on May 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “My HD Softail = Amazing!”

  1. Hi Anthony,
    All I can say is wow, wow and more WOW! If I ever bought an HD, those are the bars I’d want on it. I’ve always been influenced more by Dennis Hopper than Peter Fonda! And as for that paint job, it’s truly breathtaking. Very much looking for your ride report and comparison with the ‘strom.

    On a lighter note, how are your employers going to handle tats, spitting, swearing and other antisocial behaviour? 😉

    Terrific mate, many congratulations!

    • Good morning mate,

      I’m so stoked about the bike. Heading back to the shop today to have a look at some other ‘bar options. Thinking of either T-bars that are a bit wider than the stock ones or some 12″ mini apes!!

      Can’t wait to have it!!!!

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