The First Ride!!!!

Hi everyone.

Today was Harley Day. The day my 2007 Softail finally came home.

I was so excited this morning and so keen to get to the shop to bring the bike home.

First stop was Morgan and Wacker to buy some new gear….matte black open face helmet, leather vest and gloves. Next up will be a new jacket, some new Draggin Jeans and hopefully some Vitesse Moto boots.

Then after drooling over the mountain of stuff at Morgan and Wacker it was time to go to Daytona Powersports to see Kerry and the gang.

It was awesome to see my bike inside the showroom right at the front door!! So after all the paperwork was signed and Kerry gave me a quick run through of all the things I needed to know it was time to climb on and go….

Here I am ready to leave…..yep, Born to be mild!!!


Here’s a quick smile


And here it is ready for a sleep….


I’ve got video footage of the ride from Nerang back to home and will edit it and post it soon.

Looking forward to the next ride…..and the one after that…..and the one after that.




~ by anthony on May 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “The First Ride!!!!”

  1. W0ohooo…. way to go mate!!

    Flames on your shirt, black sunnies. It’ll have to be tats and lots of swearing on your blog next!!!

    All leg-pulling aside, it looks fantastic. Don’t wear the paint out from polishing it every night!

  2. Hi mate,
    I went and gave it a cuddle before i turned off the light.

    I discovered a new level of motorcycling happiness yesterday. Riding has always been fun but riding the Harley is a whole new level of fun!!

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