The Harley went over the mountain!

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted another update.

Today’s weather was amazing, and perfect for a bike ride. First stop was the Southport Soccer Club to see my oldest son Zachary play his final game of the season, then after heading back to Nerang, I went out on the road towards Canungra, taking a left turn on the steep climb of Henri Robert Drive up to Mt Tamborine.

Here’s a shot of the bike near the start of the descent back down the mountain. While I was taking this shot, a black and heavily chromed Softail was preparing to head down the hill….


And here I am in second place at the lights ready to go…..


After the steep and winding descent I turned right and rode into the village of Canungra. There was about 20 or so bikes in the street, most at the Outpost cafe, but I went to the small pie shop across the street.

As I was taking off my helmet I noticed I was parked next to the black softail I mentioned earlier. And soon it’s owner, Brian, came over to say hi. His first question (and the one I get asked the most) was about my pipes….he was wondering if they had any baffles in them….which they don’t, making them very loud. So after a quick chat we headed over the road for some food.

We chatted about Harley’s for close to an hour, while watching the multitude of bikes roll through town, then it was time to head off. We may catch up again on the next Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson ride if possible.

Here’s a shot of the road back home….


After coming home and doing some jobs around the house, it was time to take the bike out by the pool and clean it….


Yes, it truly is an amazing looking machine…..


Here I am being artistic with the palms…..


After a good coat of chrome cleaner, the exhaust looks amazing!!


So that’s it for me today. Putting a shiny Harley away in the garage after a great ride with perfect weather was the perfect way to end the day.

Stay safe, enjoy the ride….see you out there!




~ by anthony on September 8, 2012.

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