Busy 12 months….

Hi everyone,

To start off, as the title of today’s post says, it’s been a busy 12 month for me. I don’t

I moved from NSW to QLD, started a new job, then a few months later I started a new career!

So let me wind back the clock a bit….. As many of you know, I used to live in the beach-side town of Yamba on the north coast of NSW, I rode a Vstrom and worked as an Accountant.

After many discussions with a friend of mine here on the Gold Coast, I decided that being 200km away from my boys wasn’t the ideal way to be the best Dad I could be. The rest of my family lived north of me, and after being on my own for many months, a job was the only thing keeping me in Yamba.

And so the job hunt was the first task on the agenda, and after a day of interviews I was offered a position with an accounting firm based on the southern end of the Gold Coast. I had already been offered a place to stay and the next phase of my life began.

I moved to Runaway Bay, started the new job and began a 35 minute commute to work each day via motorcycle. Everything seemed great, I was enjoying work, was hanging out with my friend Sharon and her 4 boys, was seeing my own boys every fortnight……but something wasn’t quite right.

Days when I didn’t want to go to work appeared more frequently, and the offer to be an in-home carer for Sharon’s boys came up. It took about 2 months for me to realise that maybe accounting wasn’t where I wanted to be, and in February I began my new career. My official title is In-Home Educator, but to most people I’m the Nanny, or more appropriately, The Manny!!

As I mentioned, I care for 4 little boys…..incredible twins who are 5 in a few weeks, then the next amazing little man is 2 and a half, and lastly the youngest is 18 months. It’s the most rewarding, fun and challenging “job” I’ve ever had.

I live with the family full time and get to share an incredible house and 1acre+ property and getting up each day to play with and teach 4 little men is awesome. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity, and I’m also studying for my certificate III and then Diploma of Children’s Services.

So I’m a Harley riding Nanny, I spend time with inspiring and adorable people, I’m taking care of myself and eating right, exercising, and feeling good about me and I have a great relationship with my boys too.

I couldn’t do a blog post without mentioning something about motorcycles…….during my break yesterday afternoon I cleaned the Softail, and here are some photos of this amazing machine…

Polished chrome & spokes!!


Mini apes…


Shiny chrome and awesome Harley V-twin


Stunning rear end…


So that’s an update on me, I hope to feature more bike stuff soon….stay safe out there and maybe I’ll see you out on the black stuff ,




~ by anthony on October 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Busy 12 months….”

  1. Hi Ants! Wow – big life changes for you Manny! (sung like a black and white minstrel!)

    Excellent to get an update about life off the bike for you. Excited to hear about all the things happening for you and the fact you’re so much closer to your own family again. Great stuff.

    Be good mate


    • Hey Phil,

      So good to hear from you mate. It’s great to get positive feedback from people about what I do.

      The “nine to five” world just wasn’t where I needed to be, but I didn’t know that until I met Sharon and her 4 boys.

      Hope all is great in your part of the world, much love to you and Bronwyn.


  2. Hi Anthony, bike is looking too clean, need to get out and ride more 🙂
    take care, IC

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