2014 Trip Planning

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world but I am f’kn sick of over the rain here on the Gold Coast. Sure the sun is currently out, but its the grey clouds that darken the skies constantly that get me…….and now the sun has gone……

So as today’s title states…. I’m planning to do some travel in 2014, more specifically I’m riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle out in the big wide world!

There were two planned trips for the next 2years, NZ and the USA. Due to a few factors I have decided to drop one of them and focus solely on the other for next year……and the winner is a 15 day trek across the USA along iconic Route 66. Geoff, I will be coming to NZ to visit, it may not be on a bike, but I will definitely be over there to come say hello…..and ride your Triumph! 🙂

I’m doing a self guided trip, with planning and organisation from Eagle Rider they supply the bike, which for this trip is going to be a Street Glide. They also take care of accommodation, detailed itinerary, route planning etc.

I have a HOG chapter friend who is a travel agent and she is going to assist with flights, insurance and all the other stuff I’ll need to make this dream a reality.

So “Route 66 – 2014” will be taking place in July!! More updates will appear as I begin to organise more elements of the trip,

Have a awesome week, stay safe,



~ by anthony on March 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “2014 Trip Planning”

  1. Hi Anthony, glad to see you back publishing, it went quiet here for a long while so I kinda stopped visiting.

    That’s going to be a awesome ride! The Street glide will be excellent, hope you get one of the recent models with cruise which will be a great package.

    USA still rates as the best tour I have done, I was trying to go back to East coast this year however when I add up the places I want to ride then I need a bike for a longer than average time and well the rental costs just get way too high so I want to find a way to reduce the costs without missing things or making it two trips.

    There are a few great trip reports on route 66 online, one by a father and son from here is a great read if you can find it. I just read Billy Connolly’s Route 66 book and it too has some great ideas.

    Exciting stuff.

  2. Hey IC, sorry I dissapeared…..I just need to make the time to put something up more regularly, which is why i’m doing the weekly update for the route 66 trip….gives me a reason to research some stuff and put up something worth reading.

    I’ve always loved the Street Glide. I’m sure it will be a reasonably new one – I think Eagle Rider supply the current model bikes for their tours.

    I’ve found some great Route 66 resources, and I’ll definitely check out Billy Connolly’s book – at the very least that should be entertaining.

    Looking forward to more trips in the future too. Have a great weekend, might see you out on the road some day…I’m always on the lookout for a red Honda CB1100….haven’t seen one in the wild yet, but i’m sure we’ll come across each other some day.


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