Route 66 trip update #3

Hi everyone,

So here we are with trip update 3, and what do I have for you today?

Well I thought I’d start off with some real-life references to one of the most recent Route 66 inspired films, Pixar’s “Cars”.

Firstly, Sally the Porsche is based primarily on Dawn Welch, owner of the historic Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma.

The Sheriff is voiced by the baritone voice of Michael Wallis, who served as a Route 66 consultant for the film. He has written 14 books, including the best selling “Route 66: The Mother Road”

Fillmore, the VW combi, who is voiced by George Carlin, was unofficially inspired by Route 66 artist Bob Waldmire. This unofficial basis is because Waldmire refused to lend his name for the film.

Everybody’s favourite redneck tow truck, Mater, is based on Douglas “Mater” Keever of North Carolina, Dean Walker, from the Kansas Historic Route 66 Association; and Harley Russell, co-owner of the Sandhills Curiousity Shop in Erick, Oklahoma.

Ramone’s body-art shop in the film is directly inspired by the U-Drop Inn, a restored Art Deco gasoline station and restaurant complex in Shamrock, Texas.

The wild tractors seen wandering through the town in Radiator Springs are a homage to the wild burros that roam Oatman, Arizona. The animals are descendants of the burros once used in the gold mines there.

So there you have some trivia you probably didn’t know. For me, I’m getting more and more excited each day about the trip. One thing I’ll definitely be doing is watching “Long Way Round” again a couple of times…..I am planning on filming as much of the trip from multiple cameras and love Ewan and Charlie’s commentary as they ride……obviously my video footage won’t be quite the same as I won’t have multiple cameras on multiple bikes, but I plan on being as creative as I can…..and that’s where I want my footage to be different, yes the idea is inspired by LWR, but this will also be a showcase for me as a aspiring filmmaker.

So to finish off today, what would a blog post about motorcycles, (and specifically about Route 66) be without a pic of a Street Glide somewhere along the Mother Road…..I love this shot, and thought it would be cool to re-create it if I can….


Have a great week everyone, ride safe and maybe we will meet somewhere out there….




~ by anthony on August 13, 2013.

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  1. No comments yet? What is wrong with these people- I like your post!

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