Route 66 update #4


For today’s update I thought I’d have a think about some of the gear and clothing I’m going to need for a summer Route 66 adventure. Due to the areas where the heat may be pretty extreme I’m going to invest in a cooling vest. Harley Davidson sell one that has a 50 use/1yr lifespan, and there are others available…..basically the idea is that the vest is soaked in water to activate the crystals inside. The vest then provides several hours of cooling….something that could be much needed during the trip.


As mentioned in update #1, I’m planning to film the trip, and at this stage I’m planning on using three Gopro cameras. I already have two, and hope to add another Hero 3 to the collection. The plan is to have two mounted on the bike (one facing the front, the other to the rear) while a third will be switched between a mount on my helmet and the chest mount harness. I’ll also have my Sony handycam there as well for additional video and still shots off the bike.

I’ve also been looking into better quality audio recording – a video can go from great to crap if the audio quality is ordinary….so I’m looking at having an external audio recorder, primarily for picking up audio for my helmet commentary while riding as well as my rambling when talking about things I’m seeing along the way. This better quality audio is then used to replace the camera audio for a much better final product.

As far as other gear, and how much stuff I can take, I guess I’m limited to what I can fit in the Street Glide’s panniers. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of saddlebag liners for the street glide and taking them with me, I can then have my gear already packed and just drop them into the saddle bags and I’m good to go…..but the big question is will they hold enough stuff for two weeks of travelling? Having never done an overseas trip, and never travelled for more than three days on a motorcycle I don’t know the answer to that question….. Obviously things like my jacket, pants, boots etc can all be worn on the plane for the flight over to Chicago, and in addition to clothes I’ll also have my camera equipment, and I was going to take my laptop and ext hard drive(s) to backup footage from each day… add to that t-shirts, underwear, jeans, and I might just squeeze it all in…..additionally a bag strapped across the seat such as my Kriega or a larger waterproof duffel bag would provide additional storage. I like to pack as light as I can, so we’ll see what happens as the day draws near!!

So that’s it for today….enjoy the rest of the week, ride safe and have fun!!




~ by anthony on August 24, 2013.

One Response to “Route 66 update #4”

  1. I use a cheap t-shirt which I dose with water, under a mesh riding jacket but regardless some form of cooling is necessary as 40+ degree temps are not unheard of here in the summer. we’re looking at 43 this week 🙂

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