Route 66 update #5

Hi everyone,

Last time I was discussing riding gear for the trip, and today I’ve had an epiphany regarding my luggage options for the trip…..and basically there is only one option, and that is Kriega


Currently I own a US-10 tail pack that I have had since I owned my Vstrom. To that bag I am going to add a US-30 and a second US-10. The 10’s will attach to the 30, then the three packs will attach to the bike’s luggage rack using the included hook straps. To assist with carrying my camera gear I will be using 4 Kube 1 organisers, and these will fit inside the larger Kube 4 organiser. Additionally I will have a second Kube 4 for my laptop.

I am also considering a Hydro-3 hydration pack, with its military-grade 3 ltr reservoir. Due to the fact that I’m going to be travelling in the middle of the US summer it might be good to have quick access to water during the day.


So that’s a bit of info on how I’m going to get my stuff from here to the US and on the bike. I look forward to providing more Kriega info soon, and will provide some reviews of the gear as well.

Ride safe, see you out there…..




~ by anthony on September 4, 2013.

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