Route 66 Update #7

Hi Everyone,

Here I am with week 7’s update for the trip…..

I plan on updating my riding gear prior to my trip, and today I’d like to show off my new boots that I got this week.

With all gear purchases, I generally do lots of research and choose a few different options, and then choose the winner. And up until last week, that winner was a pair of Italian made Stylmartin Legend R’s in brown that I was able to get off eBay from England for a tad under $400. And the I found The Western Boot Barn, and australian retailer that had a wide range of awesome looking boots, and I chose the Sendra Engineer boots, in brown, and they look like this….


And here is how they look on.


Although I love the Stylmartins, I really love these ones, and at only $229 with free shipping, the price was right too. The quality of the boots, as well as the look of them is excellent. The are made in Spain, and at this stage I haven’t ridden with them on, so a I’ll have an update on how they perform soon.

Other gear purchases will include a new jacket and another pair of riding pants, most likely leather jean-style ones.

So that’s it for today, just a quick update and I’ll have much more next week,




~ by anthony on September 22, 2013.

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