Saturday afternoon ride….in search of corners!!

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend I had the chance to get out for a ride with my Ducati-riding neighbour Ron.  He’s recently taken a job in WA so he is only home for a week every fortnight, so any chance for a ride is always good.

For me there is always something exciting about riding, and Saturday was no different. The anticipation and buildup to climbing on onto the Harley is always there, and when the time came to go, things at home kinda went nuts…..which is also normal.   Knowing that I’m about to leave the house for a couple of hours seems to trigger a series of events that delay my departure…..but eventually I headed out the driveway to Ron’s place.

To start off, here is a shot of the softail sitting next to Ron’s Diavel..image


Have you you ever ridden a Diavel?  It’s a beast of a bike, but so easy to ride, and it sounds amazing.

The route we chose went from Maudsland out to Canungra, then out to the Bearded Dragon  for some lunch, then continued on to Mt Tambourine…..

As usual there were heaps of bikes out there, particularly a lot of sport bikes….I was the only Harley rider out at the pub, with the rest of the rides being litre sport bikes and Ron’s red diavel and a black one.  The power ranger crowd were everywhere.

Here’s the view from our table


There are times when I love stopping to take photos while out riding, and I will have to devote some time to a ride that involves more photography, but heres a shot of one of the views up there….



After Mt Tambourine, we headed down the “goat track”, which is always good fun, then left on to the road back to Maudsland before taking a detour up Henri Robert Drive then right out to Guanaba then back to Tuxedo Junction.

It was a great few hours with some great roads, good food and some good time spent riding with Ron. Watching that Diavel hug corners like its on rails is always a great sight.  I still have fond memories of riding it, terrified that the front wheel was going to come up, but grinning like an idiot each time I twisted the throttle…..”sex on wheels” is the best way to describe riding that bike.

Have an awesome week, stay safe and happy riding,



~ by anthony on June 30, 2014.

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