Things you didn’t do before owning a motorcycle….

Do any if these sound familiar?

1) Nodding at other motorcycle riders……while driving the car!

2) Spend about 10 extra minutes getting dressed, (helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, goggles, sunnies, headphones, comms system…..)

3) Search for places to eat, roads to ride where other bike riders hang out.

4) Take hundreds of photos of your bike in hundreds of locations…

5) Become obsessed with bike related tv, websites, magazines, podcasts, blogs…..

6) Find reasons to go to the garage……..just to stare at your bike!

7) Find yourself wanting to travel roads like the Trollstigen in Northern Norway

8) Being so damn proud of the fact that you ride a bike that is one of only 150 (#94) in the world that have the same paint scheme….

9) Meeting and developing friendships with amazing people from across the globe, because you share the same passion for motorcycles.

10) Understanding why a dog sticks it’s head out the window of a moving car!!

Have an awesome week everyone,




~ by anthony on July 2, 2014.

10 Responses to “Things you didn’t do before owning a motorcycle….”

  1. Ha…. I am going to use this on next weeks radio show! Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on I JUST WANT 2 RIDE!! and commented:
    LOL… this was good!

  3. Cheers

  4. Reblogged this on Life In The Split Lane and commented:
    I think I’m guilty of quite a few of these! I love it!

  5. Hey Anthony, riding a motorcycle sure changes your life.

    • It certainly does Warren! I’ve been loving your posts about your trips! I’m off to Las Vegas in a few weeks, can’t wait to jump on a bike over there! Have a great one!

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