September HOG Chapter ride

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay in posts….been busy!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get away on Saturday and head north to my brother’s place to catch up with him.   It was great to get out on the road.   So I made my way up the freeway, heading off out to the northern suburbs and made my way to Gavin & Kate’s place at Griffin.

The ride was great for a freeway trip, and the afternoon and night with Gavin and Kate was great fun.  But it was the riding on Sunday that was going to be great…

I was woken by a knock on the bedroom door at 7:10am…..I was planning on leaving to head to the Gasoline Alley dealership around 7:30am so I was a bit behind but after getting ready and enjoying a cooked breakfast and awesome coffee (thanks Gav for getting up and doing that for me!) I was on the road back down to Springwood to join up with the HOGs for a ride.


After the usual pre-ride briefing we were on the road by 9:00, heading west on a 215km ride out to Dam country, past Wyvenhoe, Somerset and Atkinson Dams.   The weather was spectacular and perfect for getting out on the road with a great group of riders.

I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the roads so I wasn’t sure where we were going but it was great fun.


Here’s a shot from the morning tea stop at Haigsea State School.  The people there put on a massive lot of food for us, it was great.


After the stop we made our way through the hills towards Esk for the fuel stop for Sportsters and some of the bikes with smaller tank capacities



And here’s a shot of some of the bikes at the lunch stop at Tarampa hotel….


it was a great day out, and i covered close to 400 km on sunday, and over 100 on saturday so it was an awesome weekend out on the bike….

hope you enjoy this weekend and get to ride and experience all the things that we love about motorcycling…..





~ by anthony on September 20, 2014.

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