Destination: Coffee!!

Perfect weather, gorgeous riding conditions, and a quiet, empty road ahead of me…..what more could a rider want? More time, more roads perhaps? …, the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow was Coffee!!!!!

Destination: Canungra QLD, location: The Outpost Cafe.


The Outpost is a popular spot for riders of all types, with bikes lining the streets on a Saturday morning as their riders flock to this cool cafe in the heart of town……..but on this quiet weekday morning, there were only 5 bikes, so choosing a table was easy, and after ordering, I sat and began to feel myself unwind…….the ride out was great….I began a bit after 6:00am and loved every kilometre of straight and curved asphalt as the bike and I smiled…finally free to turn and rumble….the thundering v-twin propelling me down the path to a strong and much needed caffeine hit……


The moments spent sipping my coffee, listening to some music and reflecting on the great life that I have were sufficient to recharge me and prepare me for a great day….

What simple pleasures do you have that can help turn a great start to the day into something memorable?

And so as I finished my last mouthful of liquid heaven and prepared for the ride back home, my mind was clear, focused and ready…..

Safe riding, and have a great weekend,



~ by anthony on January 16, 2015.

4 Responses to “Destination: Coffee!!”

  1. That is a cool seat on your bike!

  2. Thanks Warren. I love it….

  3. Love the Outpost… and thwbride over Beechmont to get there. One of my favorite roads

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