Its back!!!

For me, riding my bike puts me in my “happy place”

That unique location where mind and soul join together as one….to create, to meditate, or just to be in the moment.

The purity, clarity and emotional release received from riding a motorcycle is something I cannot obtain from any other part of my life.

Even my music which is an outpouring of pure emotion doesn’t elicit the same feelings as riding my Harley.

And so the point of all this is that sometimes this feeling had disappeared…….riding my bike was still fun, still brings a smile to my face, but in my head I was often thinking of things that I needed to do or organise, or basically spent that mental time thinking and focusing on anything that wasn’t creative or helping me to reach my goals…..and then this week I went out for an early morning ride once more, out on the road to Canungra, and once I had the traffic and busyness behind in my mirrors, it suddenly hit me…..and I began to realise that the feeling never left, I just didn’t focus on the right things….didn’t begin my rides in the right frame of mind, and as I’ve learnt recently, “where your focus goes, your energy flows”….

So with a renewed focus, I set off down the road, my mind flooding with ideas…..everything from games to play and activities to try with the kids, fresh ideas for the book I’m writing, more plans for my documentary that I’m going to film in the USA……suddenly the happy place was overflowing with an immense feeling of joy and creativity, just as it should!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing……shift your focus in the right direction and watch a smile appear, and who knows, your renewed mental state may prompt someone else to do the same!

Have an awesome week,



~ by anthony on January 29, 2015.

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