German Engineering is sexy….

Hey there everyone…..

I must sincerely apologise for my lack of contact.  But here I am, back again and promise to keep up with the posts.

Yes I’m still riding, yes I’m still making movies and yes I’m still obsessed with Motorcycles…

The Harley is still in the garage, but last Friday I had the privilege of test riding something different.

For a long while now, since I saw the Roland Sands “Concept Ninety R90S” and BMW’s “Soulfuel” videos, I’ve fallen in love with the look and style of the BMW R Nine T.

Two weeks ago I organised a test ride of the R Nine T, via the BMW website, and was due to ride the bike at Team Moto BMW Gold Coast at Nerang.   Unfortunately, their demo bike got sold two days before the test, so I wasn’t able to ride one until their new bike hit the showroom floor……and here it is in all of it’s brushed aluminum glory….



This particular bike had not been ridden but any one at the dealer, other than the service manager, and of all the bikes in the shop, this was the one that everyone wanted to ride out the door and take home……and this was the one that I was going to ride, and I was the first person on the entire Gold Coast to do so!!!!!

The test ride was undertaken with salesperson Matt, riding an S1000RR .  Despite the superbike’s racing cred and sleek lines, even he said I was on the much sexier looking bike.

So how does it ride?   Well it’s definitely not a Harley….not even close.   I’m used to my feet and arms outstretched, a heavy clutch, clunking gears and a rumbling, loud v-twin…..the R Nine T on the other hand has a very light clutch, lower bars, upright riding position, and feet tucked underneath me.  The gearbox was quiet, the shifter movements small and very precise and the sound was unbelievable.  Impeccable attention to detail,

The ride route took us from the dealership in Lawrence Drive, out to the motorway, north to the Smith Street Exit, before heading left onto Smith Street, before hanging a left onto Banyula Drive for a winding backroad to Nerang.  Sadly a L-plated truck driver was driving that road at the same time so I didn’t get to experience the turns with as much enthusiasm as I hoped, but the ride was still fun and after experiencing the refined German engineering, would I have one in the shed beside the Hog,……in a heart beat.



So that’s it for today, if there is an opportunity to have this beauty in the garage soon, you’ll all be the first to know!!!

Have an awesome week everyone, keep the rubber side down and have a good one!!





~ by anthony on April 11, 2016.

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  1. Welcome back

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