Chapter 2…The Ride will go on.

Last Friday was a day that I wasn’t fully prepared for……

The morning began as they often do, and then about 9:30am I headed off for a bike test ride.  The destination was Lawrence Drive, Nerang….the home of motorcycle dealerships on the Gold Coast.   The bike to be ridden was a Yamaha XSR900, and I have to say that even though it wasn’t a Harley, this bike was a seriously fun bike to ride.

Unlike the Softail with its relaxed seating position, high bars and thundering 1600cc V-twin, the XSR is an 847cc “Sport Heritage” motorcycle, with an upright seating position, a much quieter 3 cylinder engine, as well as 3 riding modes, 3 levels of traction control and some serious fun-factor thrown in.


So why was I riding a Yamaha?  Those that follow me on Facebook may have seen that my Harley was up for sale…..yes, the one bike I swore I would never sell was available for a new owner for Christmas…..and in the back of my mind I was thinking that maybe its replacement would be something other than another American v-twin.

The Joy, creativity, freedom and unbridled happiness that riding my Harley generates is not limited to just that one motorcycle….The bike is an extension of the feelings and emotions that riding generates….it becomes a catylist for the amazing feelings that riding produces….and it is often said that its not what you ride that’s important, just the fact that you do!

The sale of the bike hadn’t generated much interest online where it was listed, and it was actually the conversation with the Yamaha sales guy that lead me around the corner to Gold Coast Harley Davidson…..I had actually received a call the previous day from Chris, one of the GCHD sales people, and after walking into the showroom and seeing him again, and then spending about 2 hours there…..thoughts of riding a Japanese bike slowly began to fade…..


So where is all this going?  Oh yes thats right…..So Gold Coast Harley bought my bike that day, I got a lift home in their delivery van and now I’m preparing whats going to replace it in the garage.   I love the big softail, and would also love a Street Glide…..but I’ve always been a fan of the Iron 883.  Yes I know its generally considered to be a bike more suited to female Harley riders, but now they have the Street 500, and I’m thinking an Iron 883 with clip-ons and some Cafe Racer styling would be seriously fun for carving through the hills out the back of the Gold Coast.   I’m already scouring the HD and Roland Sands Design catalogues for bits to add to an Iron, and looking forward to the day when I have an awesome customised bike ready to bring home.

It will be an amazing ride to let me express my creativity and provide not only a vehicle to get me from A to B, but it will help to bring forth a new chapter in my riding career, a new page in the story…..The Ride will go on, the path may have changed, but the destination is still the same!

Don’t ever take those moments in life when you are challenged for granted.  Instead, turn your expectation into appreciation, take that moment by the hand and run with it, you may be surprised where you end up going!

Ride safe, Ride often.





~ by anthony on November 29, 2016.

One Response to “Chapter 2…The Ride will go on.”

  1. I’ve often thought of doing that to a Sporty, but a 1200.

    I hope you post u p some pics whe you get it and when you tweak it

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